Investment Approach

July 2015 – Tellurian’s CEO Jean-Marc Bonnefous talks to Risk Magazine about recent market trends

(Gen. George S. Patton)

The Tellurian Investment Approach in commodities is based on a thorough fundamental analysis of the various commodity markets. The objective is to deliver consistent positive returns with limited downside risk. When constructing the portfolio the manager identifies macro-economic themes as well as specific structural industry themes that can impact commodity price behaviour. There is a very strong risk management process in place to limit downside risk.

Trading decisions are discretionary and are based on fundamental research; supply/demand, production capacity and macro-economic factors supported by technical and analytical signals. Strategies must conform to the following rules: Liquidity,Transparency, Moderate leverage and Attractive risk adjusted return.

We have a clearly defined investment process; a fully integrated and scalable commodity risk system and a strong focus on operations and controls.

In the Technology space Tellurian Capital has developed a proven expertise in identifying early stage high growth companies in sectors such as distributed ledger technology (Blockchain), cybersecurity and behavioural analytics.