(Pierre Corneille)

The Tellurian Capital and Tellurian ExoAlpha team is made of experience professionals in the commodity, emerging markets, digital assets, and investment management sectors, alongside a number of strategic partners and institutional services providers covering technology, fund administration, accounting, audit and compliance.

Jean-Marc Bonnefous is the founding and managing partner of Tellurian Capital Management LLP, a London based investment management firm focused on next generation digital assets and commodity strategies. Over the years, he has developed a recognized expertise in managing financial investments for institutional and private investors and in starting new businesses. Prior to launching Tellurian in the asset management space, he was an investment banker at BNP Paribas, and until 2006, the Global Head of Commodity Derivatives at BNP Paribas based in New York and London. He built and managed the commodity derivative trading business at BNP Paribas across a wide range of commodity assets out of Europe, the US and Asia. Jean-Marc Bonnefous participated in the early development of the new structured derivative market in oil, natural gas and base metals from the 1990’s. He was also one of the early investor in blockchain and digital assets from 2014 and is an investor and advisor in a number of fintech and blockchain start-ups. He is a managing partner and CEO of the Tellurian ExoAlpha investment services company.

David Lifchitz is a managing partner and CIO of Tellurian ExoAlpha, the JV created in 2019 between Tellurian Capital and ExoAlpha SA. He is an expert in quantitative trading, portfolio construction and risk management. With over 20 years of experience in these fields and 8+ years in information technology with financial firms, he has notably been the former head of risk management at the U.S. subsidiary of Ashmore Group ($74 billion in assets under management in 2018), dedicated to alternative investments. ExoAlpha has developed proprietary institutional-grade trading strategies and infrastructure, monitored 24×7, to operate seamlessly in the digital asset markets applying strong risk management principles.

Alexandre Costantini is a partner and the CIO of Tellurian ExoAlpha, in charge of technology and systems. Alexandre is an experienced technology professional, ex-IBM, and has developed the institutional-grade proprietary trading and risk management systems for Tellurian ExoAlpha.

Institutional partners for Tellurian Capital are leading firms such as Simmons and Simmons, Formidium Corp, MH Moore Caymans and Blick Rothenberg.